How To Make Your Garden Look Bigger


For some people, the garden is their pride and joy. You may think that would only be people with huge gardens…wrong! It may be surprising, but you can also make the most of a small garden with the right techniques. Small gardens can look very pretty, almost like a secret garden.

There are some clever techniques out there to utilize the space you have and make the illusion of a bigger space…keep reading to find out the secrets. You won’t be disappointed!  Continue reading

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5 Essential Beauty Products For The Summer

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Summer is fast approaching and we are already experiencing some warm weather, which is always a good thing! Summer is a great time for being outdoors and enjoying ourselves, but it’s not such a great time for our hair and skin.

The sheer heat and humidity can make hair go frizzy. It can leave it feeling like a cotton wool ball, fluffy and unruly. It also ruins any plans you might have had that involved straighteners or curlers. And let’s not even talk about what it can do to your skin! The sun feels lovely and warm but can dry our skin out at the same time.

This is why it’s important to take a few essential items with you in summertime or if you’re jetting off on holiday. Here are 5 beauty products that are a must have to stay on top of your beauty game!  Continue reading

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Candles For The Garden – Useless Or Unbelievably Good?

Whether you light them regularly or not, most of us love candles.  From the vast array of different scents you can buy through to the simple flickering of their flames, every single thing about a candle can instantly make you feel more relaxed than ever before.

Used right around the home, from helping to make a perfectly serene bath through to a beautifully romantic dinner, there are few houses around the world that don’t have a drawer or cupboard full of candles – even if it’s just for emergencies when the electricity goes off!

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Why Essential Oils Are Proving To Be So Popular

Women consider anything that helps them to look and feel good as an absolute must have product.  Nothing is taboo or off limits and there have been many and varied apllications and devices over the years.

It is all about feeling good about yourself and if something comes along that helps and appears to work for you then that is great.  Most potions and lotions do if the truth be told seem to have a very limited  life span.

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Why Men No Longer Just Splash It All Over

There was a time when, to put not to sharp a point on it, men were men, and women were, well, women.  It was that simple, that straight forward , that clear cut, there was no ambiguity about it, that’s how it was.

Men were great hairy brutes with muscles and whiskers which to all intents and purposes had a mind of their own.  After shaving, nothing more than a splash of water was used to take away the stinging caused by the over used and very blunt razor.

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The Candle For Men – The Mandle!

The male fragrance market in the UK has grown exponentially over the last few years, especially since the metrosexual man came to prominence.

It is now estimated to be worth nearly £400 million.

But fragrance isn’t the only area that has grown in popularity with the male side of Britain; men have taken a huge liking to a candle or two being dotted around their homes. Continue reading

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What Goes Into Handmade Soaps In The UK?

Handmade soapFans of handmade soaps and other bathroom products will know that the simple, down to earth approaches are always best.

The scent and feel of real, natural soap make it easy to recommend, but you do get a warm, satisfying feeling that is harder to describe too – whether that’s the knowledge that you’re supporting smaller businesses or the powerful effect of essential oils is difficult to say!

You may be sold on the idea of handmade soaps already, but how many of us really know what goes into them?

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